small business Accounting and bookkeeping firm in Plano Texas


At Profit Matters, we understand that accounting can be hard, boring, manual, tedious and repetitive. As a business owner, you can get really busy really fast. Having other priorities in your life means that you are wearing many different hats and bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning often get pushed to the side and to the last minute, causing additional stress. Our mission is to help business owners focus on the things that matter most in growing their businesses while we take care of your accounting and financial needs.

Most small businesses use administrative staff to enter bills, write checks, and make deposits. Oftentimes, these staff members are generalists, and the overall integrity of the financial statements are questionable. Not to mention, the CPA spends hours at the end of each year correcting errors and entering month-end adjustments, costing your small business a lot of money.

Profit Matters achieves accuracy by constantly investing in process improvements, training, and technology tools.

Your Profit Matters to Us.

Solving Business Challenges

“Garbage in, garbage out”. Let’s get your financials accurate at the end of each month, so you have the timely financial data and business insights you need to make better decisions. It’s not the historical data that matters as much as the now. Accurate financials are the basic foundation of a healthy business and your best decision-making tool.

Simplifying Accounting

We’ve created an affordable, simple solution to make sure you rest easy at night knowing your books are accurate.


To make a high performing accounting department available to every business.


To provide business owners a strong team of accounting experts to maximize growth and profits by building and maintaining a solid accounting department.


We promote trust, respect, and loyalty every day. We make everything simple by following rules and processes. Our focus is on accuracy and efficiency in everything we do. We maintain an open line of communication by being straightforward and available. We are making accounting fun.

We partner with the world’s best to help us provide best bookkeeping services to our clients