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Don’t Bounce Checks, Bounce Back!

Alright, we have to admit this is a bit of a somber episode only because of the subject. Yes, Ashley Altum, CPA and Colleen Lotz are talking COVID and the effects this dreadful pandemic has had on small businesses.  BUT, fear not, on a more...

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Perks of Choosing an S-corp

Welcome back to another episode of The Funny Money Show! To start, we want to introduce to the show’s fill-in host, Colleen Lotz (okay gig is up, that’s me, yes I write these show notes and produce this show!!) I have to admit, I will...

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That Single Thing That Makes Some Companies More Successful Than Others

I get asked daily, what’s the single thing that makes the most difference in a company's profitability?  I spent a lot of time analyzing this question and trying to figure it out for many years.  I have seen companies that sell or produce the exact...

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Podcast: We’re All In This Together

Episode 5 isn’t quite living up to the name of the Podcast—Funny Money—but this episode is jam packed with vital information…it is a MUST LISTEN!! Yes, there is more of a serious tone, but the two experts get down to business as they discuss the...

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Podcast: The Anatomy of the Financial Statement

Dr. Cortney Baker and Ashley Altum are getting crazy on this episode as they dissect the insides of the financial statement. You may think to yourself, “I have a bookkeeper so I don’t need to know this”…I understand, but in fact you DO need to...

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Podcast: The Poor Balance Sheet

Buckle up, we’re going on a crazy ride this episode as Ashley and Cortney throw words at us like “balance sheet”, “equity”, “assets”, and “liabilities!” Those words sound more terrifying than funny, but somehow these two experts make you laugh (and not feel like a...

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Podcast: What in the actual world is cash flow?

Shit is hitting the fan with this economy. Small businesses are scared, large businesses are on the edge of their seat, hell I’m personally scared almost every day! How do I keep income coming in? Where do I make cuts in my business? Do I...

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A Small Business Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus Shutdown

If you run a non-essential business, you’re likely feeling the bitter effects of the coronavirus shutdown. And you’re not alone! Small businesses across the country are navigating difficult decisions due to the pandemic, making drastic changes to their daily operations to keep their revenue flowing....

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How Smart Planning Can Help Your Business Avoid Inventory Management Issues

For all the time you put into your business, achieving success takes more than just hard work. You also need smart planning for how you work so that your efforts are effective. And if your business involves keeping stock on hand, smart planning has to...

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Five Cost Cutting Tips During Tough Economic Times

Small financial moves can make a big difference for small business owners during economic turbulence.   All I keep seeing in my inbox this week is Coronavirus COVID-19 updates.  I am exhausted with all of it, but I do keep thinking of all of the businesses...

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