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Need to Make Ends Meet in Between Jobs? These Budget-Friendly Tips Can Help

Written by Elena Stewart In a time where layoffs are happening and businesses are closing at increased rates, you’re not alone if you find yourself in between jobs. And while there is no getting around the fact that being in such a position is difficult,...

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How Explainer Videos Benefit Your Business

Written by Constantin G. The goal of every business is to sell more…isn’t that so? In the competitive business environment, many small and large business owners are constantly facing a common dilemma – to increase their business sales. Their usual step to this is to...

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The Importance Of Tracking Your Income And Expenses

Welcome back for another episode of The Funny Money Show! We are so thankful for you and so happy you’re here. Please before you begin reading these sure to be entertaining show notes, take a quick pause, go subscribe and leave us a review! While...

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Brittany Ferguson

What’s your role at Profit Matters? Chief Operating Officer What do you think makes you best suited for this role? I love to help people and love creating solutions to problems. My organizational skill are out of this world 😊 What’s your favorite part of...

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KPI’S–Three Letters that are Key to Your Success

Here we are again talking about a three-letter acronym. In my opinion, the accounting and finance world has way too many of these! But, according to Ashley Altum, CPA, the letters KPI, which stand for Key Performance Indicators, are extremely vital to the success of...

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Aliya Hulse

What’s your role at Profit Matters? Chief Revenue Officer What do you think makes you best suited for this role? I am a people person and my biggest goal in life is to see more happy people in this world. Because I love business, I...

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Don’t Bounce Checks, Bounce Back!

Alright, we have to admit this is a bit of a somber episode only because of the subject. Yes, Ashley Altum, CPA and Colleen Lotz are talking COVID and the effects this dreadful pandemic has had on small businesses.  BUT, fear not, on a more...

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Perks of Choosing an S-corp

Welcome back to another episode of The Funny Money Show! To start, we want to introduce to the show’s fill-in host, Colleen Lotz (okay gig is up, that’s me, yes I write these show notes and produce this show!!) I have to admit, I will...

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That Single Thing That Makes Some Companies More Successful Than Others

I get asked daily, what’s the single thing that makes the most difference in a company's profitability?  I spent a lot of time analyzing this question and trying to figure it out for many years.  I have seen companies that sell or produce the exact...

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Podcast: We’re All In This Together

Episode 5 isn’t quite living up to the name of the Podcast—Funny Money—but this episode is jam packed with vital information…it is a MUST LISTEN!! Yes, there is more of a serious tone, but the two experts get down to business as they discuss the...

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