Employee Spotlight: Meet Brittany Ferguson

What’s your role at Profit Matters?

Chief Operating Officer

What do you think makes you best suited for this role?

I love to help people and love creating solutions to problems. My organizational skill are out of this world 😊

What’s your favorite part of working at Profit Matters?

Being able to work from home and create a work life balance.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Playing with my kids, exploring, drinking wine pool side.

What’s your next step, or a few goals you’d like to accomplish in life or while with Profit Matters?

I want to travel to every state in the USA, see a little bit of the world, create an amazing operations department and have everyone under me feel appreciated and heard.


1. Favorite color? Peacock Blue

2. Favorite flower? Stargazer Lilly

3. Favorite hot beverage? Hot Chocolate

4. Favorite cold beverage? Cherry Coke

5. Favorite snack item? Ice Cream

6. Favorite candy? Skittles or Rips

7. Favorite hobby/things to do outside of work? Walk/shopping

8. Favorite website(s): Facebook or Amazon

9. Favorite magazine, author, and/or type of book? People – anything to let my mind wander!

10. Favorite movie/type of movie? Grease