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Profit Matters Bookkeeping Named Top IT & Business Services Firm in Texas by Clutch

We are proud to announce that Profit Matters Bookkeeping has been named a top B2B IT & business services companies in Texas. Clutch releases an annual list of leading service providers across hundreds of industries and locations. Due to years of expert bookkeeping, accounting, and...

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Why More Small Businesses Are Failing This Year

Numerous research reports have shown the tragic failures most entrepreneurs go through in their pursuit of self-employment. A recent report by Bloomberg showed that 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation. That loosely translates to an 80% failure rate....

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Top Accounting Tools for Small Businesses in 2019

Many business owners will agree that accounting can be quite boring if you’re not a mathlete. Whether it is recording expenses, separating personal and business transactions, or preparing and generating accounting reports, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to keep up with these tasks. But while...

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3 Common Myths About Bookkeepers

Most people have a moderate understanding of the bookkeeping function. Bookkeepers bring specialized skills that cannot be compared to any latest accounting or bookkeeping application. A Software can only help you to the extent that they are meant to, beyond that, you require specialized help...

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Start Saving Now: How People with Disabilities Can Secure a Financially Sound Future

Becoming an adult brings lots of independence and fun perks, but it also means you are responsible for your financial well-being. As a person with a disability, both feeling financially secure is further complicated by the fact that you don’t want to forgo your eligibility...

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The Ultimate Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Periodic bookkeeping is a common practice in all businesses. While some generate accounting reports on a daily or weekly basis, each month businesses are required to remit various statutory deductions to relevant bodies, as well as issue and settle pending invoices. This makes it necessary...

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Bookkeeping Trends for Software Companies in 2019

Change, they say, is constant. It is important for businesses to keep on improving their operations to keep up with the market dynamics. For ages now, the bookkeeping practice has evolved from maintaining records in physical books, to files, to desktop applications, and now we...

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Top 4 Real Estate Accounting Tips

Real estate is one of the most complex industries when it comes to accounting. Accounting personnel is expected to follow a stringent set of guidelines as stipulated in the law. But if, as a property manager, you take some time to learn the real estate...

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Catch Up Accounting: How Firms Can Catch Their Books of Accounts

Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’ll just catch up on last months bookkeeping before the month ends. And the genius in you has probably been offering you the same advice for the past couple of months. And now you’re finally cornered with tons...

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Top 3 Bookkeeping Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Bookkeeping has been around since the beginning of time (almost), and it continues to go through new phases as time passes by. Over time, technology has continued to play a key role in the evolution of accounting and bookkeeping practice. And as you would imagine,...

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