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Consider a Business Coach or Mentor

Whether you’re feeling stuck or just went into hyper growth mode, you may want to consider hiring a business coach. By Ashley Altum, COO, Profit Matters Even a coach needs a coach. I bet you haven’t ever seen one professional athlete that doesn’t...

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What are KPIs? 5 Financial KPIs you need to start using Today

If you were to be asked to gauge the performance of your business today using some verifiable metrics, would you be able to? If you would, well and good – but if, like most business owners and CFOs you’ll need some time to gather that...

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Is it safe to email things like financial statements and, even, bank statements?

Today, emailing is one of the most popular ways of communication within and outside the office. And when we narrow down to business communication, an average member of an organization sends at least one email per week. In this day and age, hacking has become...

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Why you should use a specialist who is singularly focused

Ever since our junior school years, we were taught about how good it was to be an “all rounded” individual who can fit in any sector or environment. In other words, we were encouraged to be jacks of all trades. Today, these kinds of people...

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5 Bookkeeping Tips for Entrepreneurs

For most entrepreneurs, the mere thought of taking part in managing their company’s books of accounts churns their stomachs. And if you dread it too, don’t panic, you’re not alone. Bookkeeping is perhaps one of those areas some business owners like to keep off and wait...

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Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Can Help You Prevent Fraud

One of the most effective ways of minimizing the risk of fraud is through outsourcing your bookkeeping and control functions to an experienced professional. This ensures that every transaction is checked for accuracy. Outsourcing the bookkeeping function requires you to seek the services of a...

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The Cost of Bad Bookkeeping

Imagine looking at your debtors’ list and noticing figures that are a couple of years old, amounts with mysterious account names, abnormal credit balances and so on. These are red flags and an indication that your accounting books may not be in order. Improper bookkeeping...

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Why Accurate Financials are Important to Businesses Today

Businesses can only survive if they cash in more money than they cash out. Accurate financials allow businesses to know whether or not that’s happening and a lot of other essential business information. In addition, a company’s financial information provides vital parameters that investors, creditors,...

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Work smarter, not harder – Outsource your Bookkeeping

We’ve come across a number of businesses at a critical stage of their growth – a stage where the revenues start surpassing the set targets and everything seems to get overwhelming for their lean teams. At that point, business owners always realize it’s time to...

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