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Are you behind on their bookkeeping? Months or years behind?

No problem. Profit Matters has got you covered.

Have you fallen behind on your small business bookkeeping and financial reporting? Profit Matters can help you with catch up-accounting and bookkeeping services to get you back in shape in record time.

Our remote team will reconcile all of your records, including bank accounts and credit cards, accounts receivables and accounts payables, invoices, tax documents, business expenses, supplier payments, loans, and payroll information. We will also enter any missing data and rectify incorrect entries to ensure total accuracy, and offer expert advisory services to ensure that future filings and reporting are performed on time.

Catch-up accounting is important since a book of accounts is the basis on which important business decisions should be made. Therefore, issues with accounts could mean that your management is relying on inaccurate financial information to make important business decisions.

Additionally, catch-up accounting can help your company avoid stiff financial penalties. The Bureau of Internal Revenue can investigate companies for filing deficiencies for a period of three years after a filing year, and the Securities and Exchange Commission has the power to investigate companies for non-filing of audited financial statements. Avoid disastrous consequences for your small business with our catch-up bookkeeping and accounting services.

Ready to play catch up?

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