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Homeowners Association
(HOA) Bookkeeping & Accounting

Save time in managing HOA accounts and spend more time in making your community better.

At Profit Matters we understand that all homeowners associations (HOA) need accountability. Homeowners and board members deserve to know how and where their monthly or annual dues are being spent. We ensure there aren't any surprises during association meetings. We support any size HOAs, condos, townhomes, master planned communities, and commercial associations.


Profit Matters serve Self-Managed homeowners associations (HOA), Self-Managed Condo Associations, Property Management Companies, Condos and HOA under Management, Housing Cooperatives and HOA going through bankruptcy. Profit Matters is based in Plano Texas (suburb of Dallas Fort Worth).


At Profit Matters we understand being part of the board member is a thankless job but it comes with an immense financial obligation to your local community. HOA financial accounting is one of the least understood aspects of the board member role. If not prepared well, inaccurate financial reports could be construed as negligence by the board member or other HOA employees. At other times it could be assumed suspicious, illegal activity or dishonesty by the volunteers of the community.


Profit Matters has designed an affordable program for the HOA to ensure the association financials are kept accurate and up to date at all times. Having an independent party maintain the books means there is a higher comfort in knowing where your money is being spent and there is honest maintenance of financial records. We provide HOA bookkeeping services as we understand record keeping for the association can get boring and sometimes having a fresh eye analyze these reports can help avoid HOA bankruptcy. We achieve this by using our experience, leveraging technology and automation along with financial systems and processes to enable financial transparency. We provide HOA peace of mind knowing they have a dependable partner supporting them. We usually use Quickbooks Pro or Quickbooks Online to support HOA accounting.

We partner with the world’s best to help us provide best bookkeeping services to our clients