Lockbox Services

Profit Matters with its Lockbox service provides a mailing address as an add-on service in addition to its accounting bookkeeping services to our clients to assist them to have their customers and vendors to direct their payments, invoices and tax forms to their lock box address.

Profit Matters Lockbox is located in our office in Plano Texas (suburb of Dallas Fort Worth) so it saves you time in filing, scanning and entering the data into your accounting systems. We aggregate the mail and ensure all your checks from your customers are securely deposited on time and categorized and matched with the correct invoice.

All you need to do is sign up for the Lockbox service and ensure all your communications with your clients and vendors has remit-to address as the one allocated to you.

How much does it cost?

We are pricing this based on the number of customers, vendors and contractors you have.

20 Vendors or Customers

30 Vendors or Customers

50 Vendors or Customers

Up to 300 Vendors or Customers

What does Lockbox service include?

We check your Lockbox everyday and receive the vendor invoices, checks and tax forms on your behalf, file, scan and enter it into your accounting software. We also deposit the checks for you. This ensures all your information is up to date in your accounting system, all digitized and up to date. This will ensure your cash flow, AP and AR data is always current.

In addition, we will make attempts to convert your vendors and customers to sign up for ACH electronic payments so you can assured you collect on time and improve your cash flow.

Lastly, you no longer need to hire someone inhouse to manage this activity, have a peace of mind that it get done on time and accurate.

What do we not provide?

We do not manage cash transactions or sort out your other mail. The mailbox is strictly limited to ensuring you get your invoices, checks and tax documents filed, scanned and entered into your accounting system. We wouldn’t like for you to treat this as a P.O. Box for all your other mail. Learn More About LockBox